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The Beginner's Guide To People Shader

Do you get more incoming private messages than you know how to handle? Do you find yourself having the same conversations, again and again? Would you like a quick appraisal of the attitudes and behaviours of your audience, in a convenient, machine-readable format? lets you process audience interactions the way a computer graphics engineer processes pixels: with shaders!

Design your interactions with a node editor

With you may achieve superhuman levels of authority, consistency and reliability, simply by publishing a link to the conversations you have mapped out. Leave them in place on forums and blog comments, and track how many people respond in the ways you care about. Once your shader's visitors click through, you can qualify contacts further with the conversation flow that you specify.

Each shader operates in a predefined sequence, with a question, and audience responses can be as free-form as you specify. If you use a yes/no question, they can only answer yes or no to proceed. If you use a number question, they have to enter a number. If you use a textfield question, they can answer however they want. You decide what their responses mean and what follow-up questions to ask them. Do you want to filter incoming contacts by priority? Do you want to filter contacts into different listings? Set up custom email triggers for immediate alerts, while aggregating the rest into listings for later review.